Effective Government Contracts for Municipalities

In order for governments to minimize the risks associated with contract failures, accountable contracting polices should be put in place. This polices also help in tracking the way contractors provide employees their living wages and benefits. It also leads to better and improved service deliveries by reducing the hidden costs associated with poor wages and benefits for the workers. To achieve responsible contracting, there should be regulations, laws and also administrative policies. Our Coachella valley government law firm can be contacted in case one requires more information on how bidding regulations work.

There are various ways to define responsible contracting, including:

1. Judicious and unbiased contracting procedures

Performing cost comparisons should be the first step in ensuring outsourcing is cost effective. Areas to be included in cost comparisons are indirect costs, direct costs and transitional costs. Normally, giving out contracts is cheaper than carrying out the work. This is due to other hidden factors governments fail to put into considerations, such as the cost to train new employees, time for monitoring the contracts, consequences in the community in case of reduced wages and also benefits, and the overall loss in case the contract is canceled. Truthful assessments and not assumptions should help make the contracting decisions worthwhile.

2. Setting responsibility standards for contractors

The bidding process is usually influenced by the bid price. Low bid prices usually lead to poorly paid workers, and this is due to lowering of bid prices to win the contract. Governments should not tolerate this aspect and should consider making the bid price only have weight when other factors have been considered. Policies such as a “responsible contractor policy” that puts into consideration the contractors’ history of labor, environmental and workplace safety measures, employment before awarding any contract, should ensure certain standards are set to make sure workers benefit and their rights are not violated during contracts. Our Coachella Valley public law attorney can help the bidders understand certain polices regarding the contracting process and help to increase the chances for a contract award.

3. Accountable and transparent public involvement

The public should be a major factor considered when contracting in order to hold contractors accountable. Public input through comment periods is a better way to ensure the public is fully involved in the contracting process. It also helps in giving the public an insight into how taxpayer money is spent, thus reducing corruption in the whole process.

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