How Are Gifts After Death Treated According to Estate Tax Law?

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Meeting the person you’d like to spend the rest of your life with in a second marriage is a joyous occasion. Often, one or each person has children from a previous marriage or relationship. In a blended family, the responsibility to take care of the children falls on both parents and the new spouse in many cases. When you have an estate to settle between the both of you and your blended children, California families need to plan for the future. Continue reading

With a wide array of resources to help every client, a reputable Palm Springs estate planning attorney will be able to draw up a complete estate plan for your situation. With a commitment to handle all cases with pristine care, there is no stone unturned to be certain of proper representation of all estate planning and probate needs. Continue reading

Are you a trustee or personal representative of an estate? If so, you may need our help before extensive and run-repairable damage is done. In fact, trustees could face litigation and be held personally accountable for any damages. It is a fact that some trustees and personal representatives may violate their fiduciary duties. Continue reading

Name one family who wants to go through the probate process? No matter how close your family is, going through a probate process can lead to great family conflicts. These battles can multiply and persist for long periods. It does not matter whether it is contesting a will or executing the specifications a will. Ultimately, to prevail and to sort these matters swiftly, you need to seek the services of a probate attorney. Continue reading

As our population ages, people are living longer and this will change the landscape of estate planning. Baby boomers’ responsibilities now go beyond their own retirement. With both baby boomers and their parents in retirement, boomers must consider their parents’ welfare, too. This requires planning today and into the future. Some points to focus on are end-of-life choices and what happens to an estate in the event of a death. Continue reading

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