How Attorneys Help Resolve Disputes in Trust and Estate Cases

Are you a trustee or personal representative of an estate? If so, you may need our help before extensive and run-repairable damage is done. In fact, trustees could face litigation and be held personally accountable for any damages. It is a fact that some trustees and personal representatives may violate their fiduciary duties.

Attorneys Help Resolve Disputes

Our estate litigation attorneys help to resolve disputes and help our client face the troubling outlook of protecting your family’s rights to get the best possible outcome. There are many reasons that litigation could occur, such as failure to properly account to the beneficiaries, insufficient payments/failure to distribute assets as outlined, and many other duties that may have been improperly performed. There are even some cases that may arise from the validity of a will or trust itself (such as, mental capacity of person writing the will/trust, possible forgery, rewriting of will).

Coachella Valley trust litigation attorney are here to represent beneficiaries, trustees, personal representatives when these problems arise. There are times when inconsistencies arise where there must be a formal and thorough investigation and litigation must happen.

Questions Around Litigation to Resolve the Issue

Going into the process of litigation, many questions will arise to try and resolve the issue. Without the help of an educated and well-qualified attorney, these questions may not be properly handled. Start by first asking yourself whether or not the will was properly prepared and if it was executed properly according to current law. If any questions about the validity of the will or trust arise, we will challenge the document in court to protect our client’s right and make sure they get what they rightfully deserve.

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