2 Reasons to Obtaining Trust and Estate Attorneys

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An estate trustee has the huge responsibility of properly executing the last will and testament. He is legally appointed to carry out the wishes of the deceased. However, many times problems exists whenever the trustee does not act in the best interest of the estate, and it’s necessary to remove the trustee as soon as possible. This is when seeking the service of a Coachella Valley trust and estate law firm is extremely important. Continue reading

Are you a trustee or personal representative of an estate? If so, you may need our help before extensive and run-repairable damage is done. In fact, trustees could face litigation and be held personally accountable for any damages. It is a fact that some trustees and personal representatives may violate their fiduciary duties. Continue reading

A trust is a legal document based on reliance and obligation to carry out the wishes of another if incapacitated or upon death. Previous assets are stored into the set up of a trust, which belongs to the trust itself, not the trustee. The trust is delegated according to the stated rules and instructions within the trust contract. Continue reading

When single moms and dads re-marry, they have what is called a blended family. For estate planning, planning and good communication is required. Coachella Valley trust and estate lawyers can help with the details to make the process go smoother. Continue reading

An essential task in any family’s life is the task of estate planning. What happens to your assets that make up your estate does not have to be left up to the State or individuals for whom you have never met. You can be guided through this process with a Coachella Valley estate planning attorney who will explain the importance and differences and functions of wills and trusts. Continue reading

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