Estate Planning For A Blended Family

When single moms and dads re-marry, they have what is called a blended family. For estate planning, planning and good communication is required. Coachella Valley trust and estate lawyers can help with the details to make the process go smoother.

Why Is A Blended Marriage More Difficult For Estate Planning?

Because there may be other children from previous marriages, and this can be difficult to decide what to leave them in terms of property and assets. These issues will need to be looked at thoroughly because, in most cases, each spouse will want to give their own children things individually.

There Can Be Difficulties When Trying To Be Fair

Talking to our Coachella Valley trust and estate law firm can help blended families work out arrangements if there are any issues of fairness. Our Coachella Valley Estate administration attorneys have experience in estate planning, and have helped dozens of blended families create plans. They understand that it can be difficult to arrange allotments, and help families assess all property and assets carefully to make the right choice.

Making An Estate Plan

Here are some ideas that will help blended families make their estate planning go smoother. They should take their time to do it right so that they take the information to a lawyer and have the plan drawn up correctly.

· Use trusts to provide for children or spouses.

· Review beneficiary information to make sure that it is correct.

· Put together a list.

· Check to see if you promised anyone in particular something specific.

· Have a list to make sure that these wishes are followed.

Contact one of our estate planning attorneys at 760-322-2275. They have the knowledge of how to deal with blended families to make sure that a person’s wishes are respected.

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