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    The Importance of Estate Planning for the LGBT Community

    Members of the LGBT community know that it is important to plan ahead for their partners and families in case of accidents or illness. Put your plan together now and avoid leaving your partner in an awkward situation.

    Why It Is Important to Have Proper Estate Planning

    Without proper planning in terms of your property and assets, you can be setting your partner and/or family up for devastation in the future. Without an estate plan, you may be forced to rely on using a Will, Joint Tenancy, or Tenancy in Common, which may cause you to lose your estate, as well as you, your partner’s, and your family’s well being.

    Road bumps such as illness or accident can leave you or your partner in a state of being incapable of handling affairs and making important decisions. This is a time that having an estate plan is critical, as not having one could prevent you from making decisions for yours and your partner’s best interest.

    In many states, you will be able to acquire legal recognition for your same-sex relationship through civil unions or domestic partnerships. Your rights as a same-sex couple in California varies based on jurisdiction, and other difficulties. These complications can cause you to fall victim to problems in the future, making proper planning critical for you and your partner.

    Protect Yours and Your Partner’s Wellbeing with Estate Planning

    You can avoid future devastation and protect your partner’s well being by contacting a Palm Springs estate-planning attorney. Before making any decisions on your estate plan, visit our Palm Springs trust and estate law firm. Doing so will ensure that you receive the proper professional advice and learn all that you need to know to construct an effective estate plan for you and your partner.

    Contact SBEMP’s Palm Springs Estate Administration Attorneys for Help with Planning

    Constructing an estate plan with the help of one of SBEMP’s Palm Springs Estate administration attorneys will help you avoid many complications. A Living Trust, as well as the Health Care Power of Attorney, will allow the client to claim their domestic partner as their Trustee in times of trouble so you, or your partner’s health care and personal matters, will always be under you or your partner’s control.

    The estate plan confirms that you or your partner’s assets will be distributed as you wish and that any children will be raised by the person that you designate to do so. By having an estate plan, you can ensure that you, your partner, and your family will never be troubled with excessive taxation, penalties, and other unnecessary costs in case of emergencies. Contact us at 760-322-2275.

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