What to Consider for Your Trust and Estate Planning

An essential task in any family’s life is the task of estate planning. What happens to your assets that make up your estate does not have to be left up to the State or individuals for whom you have never met. You can be guided through this process with a Coachella Valley estate planning attorney who will explain the importance and differences and functions of wills and trusts.

Contact Coachella Valley Trust and Estate Lawyers for Wills and Trusts

Coachella Valley trust and estate lawyers are some of the most experienced and capable in the state. They will explain in terms that you will understand that a will and a trust is not just something that has an effect after you pass, but it is valuable now.

Receive Advisement on the Tax Consequences of Estate Planning

They will advise you on the tax consequences of various forms of estate planning. It does not matter whether your estate consist only of personal assets or includes corporate holding, Coachella Valley trust and estate lawyers will be able to prepare the best estate package for your needs as well as the needs of your family.

Call for an Initial Consultation with our Coachella Valley Trust and Estate Law Firm

If you are unsure of what form your estate should be organized, then you should consult with a Coachella Valley trust and estate law firm. Through an initial consultation, the firm will be able to provide you with an outline of the type of services that you will require. This will enable you to take your first step towards securing the future of your family.

In preparing for an initial consultation, one should have the following documents and questions in mind:

1. Who would I trust to make personal and business decisions in my place?
2. What is the itemized list of all of my assets?
3. How would I want my estate divided between those I consider beneficiaries?
4. If I were critically ill, whom would I want to make decisions about my care?

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