How Probate Litigation Resolves Estate Conflicts and Issues

Probate litigation deals with the field of law entailing legal issues regarding guardianship, decedent estates, disability, and conservatorship. A common reason to hire a Palm Springs probate attorney is when an heir might have a dispute over the distribution of an inheritance or are contesting a probated will.

Settle Issues Over Estate Disputes

In order to settle issues within estate disputes, probate litigation is often necessary. Intestate estates are estates that had no legal will created before the decedent’s death. Unfortunately, a person’s passing can often bring about situations where heirs dispute over what was left to them. When there is a great deal of money or valuable assets, heirs want to make sure they receive their fair share or more.

Going Through the Probate Process

State probate laws govern intestate estates. Typically, the inheritance property is given to the decedent’s direct relatives or the surviving spouse. On the other hand, the estate must go through the probate process in order to figure out the correct heirs. While anyone can make a claim in the courts, each must still prove that they are legally entitled to the property or money they are seeking.

Inheritance Claims in the Probate Process

When a person submits an inheritance claim the probate process is often extended for many months. The court needs to conduct due diligence to make sure all the claimants are legally entitled to any estate assets. Depending on a property’s value or the type of claim, the process can be held up for many years while the courts figure out who is rightfully entitled to the assets.

Contact Our Palm Springs Estate Planning Attorneys for Help

While most people do not have to deal with probate litigation at this level, having to deal with family disputes, a contested will, or claims of inheritance can be very emotionally difficult and costly. Hiring a Palm Springs estate planning attorney can help minimize any potential challenges during the probate process. If any problems do arise hiring a Palm Springs estate administration attorney is advisable.

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