Why Hire a Personal Injury Attorney to Represent Your Case?

One thing that people do not remember about the law is the statute of limitations. Our Palm Springs personal injury law firm would be able to make sure that everything is done correctly and in a timely manner. Our lawyers would make sure that all the paperwork is correct and filed within the timeframe.

Personal Injury Law in California

Our Palm Springs personal injury lawyers can make sure that the claim is filed before the mandated two year limit set up in California laws on personal injury. Another advantage of hiring the right lawyer is that they understand that injuries can show up after a few months.

Factors that can Change the Situation

One of the headaches for people to have to cope with are that certain factors change the period in which to start a lawsuit.

Our Palm Springs Personal Injury Attorney Knowledgeable Tips:

• If a government entity is involved, the time changes to six months.
• An allegation of negligence from a minor must be filed before they are 20.
• There is a six year period that is involved in injuries during pregnancy or during birth.
• When someone is considered mentally incompetent, time constraints stop till they are better.

Insurance Companies Have a Loophole

A crucial reason to get a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer is the fact than an insurance company will just wait out a two year period to be able to deny the claim. It is important that the lawsuit must be completed quickly.

Contact Our Palm Springs Personal Injury Law Firm

The main incentive to hire a Palm Springs personal injury law firm is that a person needs to focus on healing. That is why hiring the right lawyer to handle the stress of the lawsuit is so important for less stress.

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