Statistics of Corporate Lawsuits and How to Prevent Litigation

A 2011 Supreme Court decision has had a major effect on the number of class action lawsuits being brought by employees against companies, as the employers are pushing arbitration as the top option. Consumer disputes can now not be the subject of class action disputes, which has led to dramatic declines in both the number of class action consumer lawsuits and the cost of these to companies. A Coachella Valley corporate law firm can make a number of recommendations for any company that is concerned with the potential for class action lawsuits being brought against them.

Statistics of Lawsuits in Corporations

Lawyers around the U.S. have recently seen a decline in the number of lawsuits brought against companies under labor law regulations for problems including theft and discrimination. The 2011 Supreme Court ruling has made a dramatic difference to the number of labor and employment cases brought to court, with numbers falling from 28 percent of all cases in 2011 to just 23 percent in 2014.

Alongside the fall in the number of cases brought to court by lawyers, including Coachella Valley corporate attorneys, the cost of worker class action lawsuits fell from $598 million to $462 over the same period.

Among the business community, an increasing number of companies are insisting their employees sign waivers stating they will go through arbitration rather than bring lawsuits against their employers. These waivers have been regarded by the National Labor relations Board as infringing on parts of the Labor Relations Act, but remain in place. Any company can contact SBEMP to discuss their own labor relations and make sure they remain on the correct side of the law.

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