The Top Estate Planning Considerations When Selecting a Power of Attorney

Estate planning is an essential decision in your life. It ensures that your spouse and siblings are protected after your death.

To undertake estate planning, put the following into consideration:

Ensure you have a health directive to eliminate fear of tomorrow, as it is now possible to sustain life given advancements in the medical field. Having a health directive enables you to carry out your wishes and make useful decisions during stressful time.

Do you need another power of attorney besides your spouse?

Palm Springs estate planning attorney is another party beside your spouse with the power of attorney if you are in a condition in which you cannot handle your affairs. It is advisable with the help of your lawyer to continuously check the state law and statutes as per the Palm Springs estate planning law firm as in most states a spouse may not require the powers vested in an attorney.

What does having a will help your family with after you pass on?

Having an established will is paramount. Among a host of benefits, a will can help eliminate disputes after your death or after severe health deterioration. A will ensures who receives your property, including sentimental items such as photographs, paintings, war medals, and jewelry. It can also help reduce family conflicts and help avoid the need for lengthy, costly court intervention with regard to property distribution.

Listed below are some essential estate planning and will considerations:

1. Ensure your spouse is entitled to a trust after your death. Have a lawyer review your trust.

2. Review your documents in case of a change in life such as the birth of a child.

3. Make sure your spouse and children have adequate knowledge of the location of your will and important document.

4. Ensure your spouse knows where your retirement plans and annuities are.

5. You and your spouse should have adequate knowledge of each other’s primary and contingent beneficiaries.

6. If you have online accounts, your spouse should be aware of where you store your log-in and password details.

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