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How to Protect Children with an Estate Plan if You’re a Single Parent

Whether you are part of a couple or a single parent, married or not, you owe it to your children to plan a guardian and secure their future by planning your estate. Although most often, custody of your children will go to the other parent, in many cases it is complicated.

Estate Planning Ensures Children are in the Care of a Safe Guardian

What’s most important is how your children will be treated in the event of your passing or incapacity. Plan ahead with a professional from our Palm Springs trust and estate lawyers. Having peace of mind that they’ll be cared for by someone who loves them, and is fit to be a guardian, is worth the time to plan. Things can change in an instant, and whether you’re divorced or even part of a same sex couple, it’s best to plan.

When You Can’t Name the Other Parent as the Guardian

Getting the courts to approve your chosen guardian can be difficult, but not impossible. In many cases the court will side with you and name the other parent unfit. When you’re no longer able to care for your children, having help will make things much easier.

There are many extras that pertain to single parents exclusively:

• Official documentation transferring property to the child or trustee.
• Healthcare/durable power of attorney to give power to make decisions regarding your health.
• Living will detailing your end-of-life care.
• Guardianship agreement naming a second guardian if the first choice is unable or chooses not to help.

Get Documents Started with Our Palm Springs Trust and Estate Law Firm

Thankfully, it’s affordable for single parents to have these documents written. Plans include life insurance, employment benefits, IRA funds, pensions, social security benefit, or even a home you can rest easy knowing all your assets will be covered. Contact our Palm Springs trust and estate law firm today at 760-322-2275 to schedule a consultation.

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