Statistics Growing in Nationwide STD Infections

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Sexually transmitted diseases are spreading at a high rate in the United States. The proliferation of these diseases is a major issue that needs to be solved. For instance, Planned Parenthood reports that approximately eighty-five people are infected with Chlamydia, three acquire AIDS, while twenty-eight are infected with gonorrhea in Virginia alone. Continue reading

Personal injury lawsuits can be quite challenging. These lawsuits are all unique but there are some common elements among them. Both the defense and the plaintiff can expect certain things to take place.

Continue reading

By definition, personal injury refers to damage that is forced upon a person’s mind, body, and emotional state because of negligent actions. This type of damage is radically different than property damage. It includes injury to the body in part, or entirety because of traffic, medical, and industrial accidents. It also includes harm done because of interpersonal and sexually activity. Continue reading

After the news that you have a personal injury case, you have a lawful right to go after compensation for your losses and damages through the court. If you decide to go to court, sufficient evidence is necessary to establish the case in court. There are special issues of concern in the case of an STD. Continue reading

Motor vehicle accidents are some of the most common causes of personal injury in Palm Springs, California. Due to the highly populated area and well-traveled highways, mishaps on the roadways occur at a more frequent rate. Consequently, these instances may end up costing victims thousands of dollars in damages, and depending upon the seriousness, may result in grave injury and even death. Continue reading

A personal injury lawsuit is possible when an accident happens as a result of a negligent party. The injured individual or entity pursues a claim to recover monetary relief. Hiring a Coachella Valley personal injury attorney is one of the wisest decisions an injured party can make. Because of California’s statute of limitations, taking swift action after the accident is important. Let too much time pass, and you may lose the opportunity to get the compensation you deserve. Continue reading

A Coachella Valley personal injury lawyer can provide a large amount of assistance for individuals who feel their infection with an STD has been made public knowledge by another party. In most states, it is not permitted for anybody to reveal a person has been infected with HIV. Even a medical provider is not always permitted to reveal when a person has been infected with an STD. Continue reading

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