How long can I file a lawsuit for a personal injury in Coachella Valley?

A personal injury lawsuit is possible when an accident happens as a result of a negligent party. The injured individual or entity pursues a claim to recover monetary relief. Hiring a Coachella Valley personal injury attorney is one of the wisest decisions an injured party can make. Because of California’s statute of limitations, taking swift action after the accident is important. Let too much time pass, and you may lose the opportunity to get the compensation you deserve.

Time Limit To File Your Personal Injury Case

There is a legal time limit to file a case against either a person or an entity. The laws that set this time limit are known as statutes of limitations, and they apply both to the state and to injured parties seeking to file civil claims. These time limits vary depending on the scope of the case and the jurisdiction in which the case is being reviewed.

The countdown begins as soon as the injury occurs. The possibility of prosecuting or pursuing an injury claim ends when the legally established time frame ends. Once the statute of limitations has expired, no further legal action may be undertaken. Therefore, time is of the essence. Hiring a Coachella Valley personal injury law firm as soon as possible will help ensure that you file your claim on time.

California’s statutes of limitations for various lawsuits are as follows:

Medical malpractice: Either three years from the injury taking place or one year from the injury being discovered, whichever takes place first.

Breaking a written contract: Four years.

Breaking an oral contract: Two years.

Slander or libel: One year.

Negligent personal injury: Two years.

Domestic violence: Three years from the last act of violence.

Sexual abuse during childhood: Three years from the date that psychological or physical injury is the result (regardless of age), or eight years from the 18th birthday of the victim.

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