Even the Playing Field: Call a Personal Injury Attorney

When is it time to call a Coachella Valley personal injury attorney? Once STD victims discern the extent of their injuries, they are soon overcome by the frustration of paperwork and financial challenges. So, sooner is better.

Paperwork Frustrations

Deadlines and evidence have a procedural timeline. Waiting to involve an attorney can risk your claim. From the day of your notice from your doctor that you have an STD or other disease from the non-disclosure of the affected party, the clock starts ticking toward the statute of limitations. This is an expiration date. With only a few months to notify the other party, pursuing the investigation and legal claim becomes paramount. Thus, if you start too late, there is not a claim and no attorney can help.

The court deadlines are not the only issue. The longer you wait to involve a personal injury attorney, the more likely valuable evidence will be lost. The legal team needs to collect evidence and research options for the best possible legal outcome.

Financial Challenges

Medical bills and lost wages encumber STD victims, not to mention emotional distress. Navigating personal injury laws and policies is simply unnerving. Personal injury attorneys step-in and shoulder this stress while the victim heals and rebuilds. Bills pile-up even when the injury is not your fault. These unplanned costs can deplete savings and cause additional debt. As if the medical costs weren’t enough, unexpected emotional distress may cause lost wages. You might not be working, but the rent and utilities still need to be paid. Are you ready for a solution?

Getting Help

Paperwork and financial stress are both unpredictable and stressful. Calling our Coachella Valley personal injury attorney is one call that saves you from numerous calls and grief. There is no disadvantage to free consultations and zero upfront fees. Talking to an attorney gives you peace-of-mind and a plan of action. Don’t you want someone on your side?

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