How to Settle a Dispute

The idea of a dispute in a court of law is not something many people look forward to. Often one pictures a solemn courtroom, being called as a witness, high cost and other upsetting things. This makes it imperative to check out other options with a Coachella Valley litigation attorney.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an alternate to courtroom altercations. The resolutions in ADR are called Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation.


This type of resolution is a common used method of settling a dispute and is conducted by a person familiar with the law. Many times he or she can point out simple steps to take to reach a mutual agreement without getting involved in a lawsuit or trial. If a satisfactory conclusion cannot be reached, there are other steps that can be undertaken.


In mediation, a knowledgeable person can explain the various options available in which the dispute can be settled. You may have a lawyer available if you wish to protect your rights.

This type of dispute resolution is often used when there are conflicts regarding consumer, tenant, employee, family (divorce, child custody, etc.), probate, injury and the many other problems that can develop in one’s life.


In this resolution a person is appointed as an arbitrator. He or she will listen to both sides of the dispute and make a decision. Both parties must agree to accept the arbitrator’s decision. There can be only one winner and appeals are limited.


This is the final step of the legal process and involves filing a lawsuit for a decision by a judge or jury.

Prior to filing a lawsuit, a Coachella Valley litigation attorney will have his office use their skills to compile all the evidence. If the evidence warrants, most lawyers will take the case on a contingency. This means he or she will not charge you a fee unless they win the case.

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