Statistics Growing in Nationwide STD Infections

Sexually transmitted diseases are spreading at a high rate in the United States. The proliferation of these diseases is a major issue that needs to be solved. For instance, Planned Parenthood reports that approximately eighty-five people are infected with Chlamydia, three acquire AIDS, while twenty-eight are infected with gonorrhea in Virginia alone.

It is estimated that 19 million people are infected with sexually transmitted diseases yearly in the United States. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that one out of every five Americans is infected with sexually transmitted diseases. CDC adds that most people are not aware that they are infected with such diseases. 

In a recent article, Charlottesville Planned Parenthood and Keiana Mayfield stated that approximately 80 percent of people infected with sexually transmitted infections are not aware of the infection mostly because STI’s do not show any symptoms. STD can be quite stressful to people due to the expensive medical treatment, increased risks of cancer and sterility in severe conditions. In Virginia, people who transmit sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis, hepatitis B, or HIV may face criminal charges. 

Mayfield said that infecting people with sexually transmitted diseases is a significant legal issue. People suing others for STD infections have to prove the individual who infected them. On the other hand, the defendant should state if they were aware of the same.

An STD lawsuit in most cases leads to an investigation into pharmacy records, medical records, and the previous sexual partners of the defendant and the plaintiff. Before you file an STD lawsuit in California, consider making an appointment with our Palm Springs personal injury lawyer who will guide on how you should go about the case.

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