Personal Injury Now Includes What Was Once Only Taboo

By definition, personal injury refers to damage that is forced upon a person’s mind, body, and emotional state because of negligent actions. This type of damage is radically different than property damage. It includes injury to the body in part, or entirety because of traffic, medical, and industrial accidents. It also includes harm done because of interpersonal and sexually activity.

Private and Pertinent

Contemporary societal behavior often intertwines with the law in many ways. If a person knowingly engages in activities that put others at risk, or endangers their lives, they can be held responsible.

This now includes sexual activity. Many people do not realize they are carrying dangerous diseases. Unfortunately, many other people do. When they engage in sexual activity, and understand that this activity will alter the life circumstance of another, they can be held liable for criminal charges.

The Costs of Negligence

The Centers for Disease Control reports that almost 20 million new STD cases are recorded each year. Half of these cases occur in youth. These cases put a $16 billion annual strain on the US economy. These staggering numbers are, in part, outcomes of the actions of people who know they are carrying an STD, but choose to interact with multiple partners anyway.

Though many laws and guidelines, which can be outlined by a Coachella Valley personal injury attorney, have been designed to dissuade this type of behavior, the instances of STDs keep growing.

If it is determined that a person knowingly infected a partner with a disease, severe charges can now be levied against them. Some states are now instituting laws that address even simple occupational skin -to-skin contact. This is an extreme situation, but should warn people that diseases including STDs can now be treated as types of assault in extraordinary cases.

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