Update: Pitchess Procedure Can Be Used in Administrative Officer Discipline Procedures by California Supreme Court

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The “Pitchess motion procedure,” which appears in sections 1040-1047 of the Evidence Code, is a legal process that is executed in order to request the personnel records of a peace officer. Under normal circumstances, the personnel records of a peace officer are protected under the highest level of confidentiality and security. Nevertheless, there are some occasions that arise in civil and criminal court proceedings in which these records may be solicited. In addition, peace officer personnel records can also be required when certain internal disciplinary issues occur, but those types of events are considered to be of an administrative nature and do not take place in courtrooms. Continue reading

The Federal Government of the United States depends almost exclusively on the procurement of outside services for the purpose of developing the very infrastructure that allows the country to function as intended for the benefit of its citizens. These services are provided for almost every agency within the government, including DHS, the Military, the Department of Education and the Department of Parks and Recreation. Continue reading

The Supremacy Clause of Article VI in the Constitution gives Congress the power to enact federal law that supersedes state law regarding matters that are of national importance rather than local importance. This is known as preemption. According to preemption law doctrine, any state law that is inconsistent with federal law must be declared invalid. Continue reading

The attorneys at Slovak, Baron, Empey, Murphy, and Pinkney (SBEMP) law firm represent government agencies, and private clients against the government. Located in Palm Springs, California, SBEMP offers legal counsel in situations with corporate governance, health care requirements, mergers, and so forth. Trust them to handle all the complexities that come with litigation against the government, or in cases where government agencies will need legal counsel. Continue reading

Coachella Valley government legal counsel is your best choice for representation on matters of government affairs in the State of California. The firm’s experience is based on multiple years of combined experience by its legal staff, including lawyers who have worked with various California government agencies and general counsel offices. Continue reading

SBEMP is a Palm Springs government law firm that has expertise dealing with numerous governmental relations issues. They have a long and storied history of drafting public contracts for projects of various sizes, including professional services and consulting agreements, land development and real estate documents, and public improvement agreements. They work diligently for all clients whether they are looking for a more routine agreement or a developer for a $100,000,000 site-remediation project. SBEMP negotiates agreements that eliminate vague and confusing language and make sure to anticipate and plan for future issues. Continue reading

The California Public Records Act (CPRA) states that, upon request and unless law duly exempts it, inspection and disclosure of government records may be published for the benefit of the public. The CPRA allows people access to information concerning the business conduct of government agencies. The Act promotes the most disclosure of governmental operations to protect the government’s accountability to the public. Continue reading

With the recent economic downturn and a historic number of citizens approaching retirement age, there has been an increased pressure on local government to deliver the same standard of community services with a significantly decreased budget. These budgets are further stressed by reduced state funding, declining revenue bases, rising pensions and labor expenses, a strict regulatory condition and a decreased proximity to the capital. Continue reading

Palm Springs government concerns involve those that are complex in organization and are appropriate for a large community of citizens, who reside within the Palm Springs jurisdiction. Legal counsel is used for sensitive security issues, for public events and for important local services, which are necessary for its citizens. Palm Springs government legal counsel represents local governments, with the same detailed attention, that a larger entity requires and needs. Continue reading

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