What are Requests for Proposal to Outside Contractors? Our Government Law Firm Answers Your Question

The Federal Government of the United States depends almost exclusively on the procurement of outside services for the purpose of developing the very infrastructure that allows the country to function as intended for the benefit of its citizens. These services are provided for almost every agency within the government, including DHS, the Military, the Department of Education and the Department of Parks and Recreation.

Requests for Proposal to Outside Contractors

As part of the procurement process, the government issues “Requests for Proposal” (RFP) and contracts to outside contractors. While these government contacts tend to be template form, they often require negotiation and adjustments. Anyone who has ever dealt with federal government agencies is well aware of the complexities, which often requires assistance from government contract lawyers.

Using a Government Law Firm in Coachella Valley for Contract Issues

Coachella Valley government law firm, SBEMP, has expertise is dealing with government contact issues through our years of experience. As government contract lawyers, our task is to deal with representatives from the office of the Contracting Officer. As part of our responsibilities, we help negotiate change orders and subcontracts, mediate cost and performance disputes, represent our clients in criminal disputes and offer our advice on topics related to the procurement process.

Mediating Government Contracts

If our clients choose to become involved with government contracts and the procurement process, our lawyers stand at the ready to offer assistance designed to help make the process go as smoothly as possible from beginning to end. As many of our clients have learned, the bureaucracy of the government creates complications, complications that we can find ways to mediate.

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