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    The Top Services Offered by a Government and Municipal Law Firm

    Public agency litigation attorneys help in many aspects of transactional, administrative, and litigation matters.

    They specialize in public agency legislation in the following areas:

    Small Claims Litigation

    For small claims litigation, public attorneys assist in settling common disputes. These may include recovery of outstanding debts, contract and commercial disputes, building and property issues, damage claims from negligence and accidents, and insurance claims and insurance disputes.

    Real Estate Law

    Our Palm Springs government law firm also has experience in real estate law. We help in the areas of property acquisition, project planning and development, purchase agreements and disposition of property, leasing, easement and zoning issues, and representation in litigation proceedings for eminent domain.

    Labor and Employment Issues

    For issues in labor and employment, we offer the following services: defense for employee benefits, employee discrimination, harassment and employee termination and discipline, defense for workplace safety, Workers’ Compensation and wage and hour litigation proceedings, labor and union negotiations, employment policies, training and other agreements, and setting effective strategies for compliance and resolution for disputes.

    Business Services

    Our Palm Springs government law firm can assist municipalities with requirements for business services. These include the formation of business entity and corporate governance, business licensing, planning for business succession, health care requirements and transactions, franchising, mergers, acquisitions, public-private partnerships, and securities.

    Financial Issues

    Financial issues that address businesses. These include instances where fees, taxes, and assessments are imposed. We also provide representation for financing mechanisms, such as requirements for a certificate of participation and bonds.

    Additionally, we can provide a reliable representation for other legal needs such as services for government relations, telecommunications, banking, finance and intellectual property.

    Environmental Issues

    Public agency litigation attorneys may offer general counsel and special services for environmental issues and compliance, such as water quality, air quality, mining, endangered species, public utilities, hazardous waste and other toxins.

    Other public agency litigation services are as follows:

    1. Public finance and planning for trust and estate. This includes handling of tax exemption and tax credit, sale of public securities and delivery of disclosure services.
    2. Education issues that comprise of charter schools, facilities and business services, administration and school finance, human resources and student affairs, and special education.
    3. Counsel and representation for operational issues in health care, regulatory matters, facilities development and business transactions in health care related industries.

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