SBEMP’s Advantage of Alternative Dispute Resolution

For resolution of disputes in personal and business issues, obtain the counsel and the wisdom of professional Palm Springs alternative dispute resolution lawyers at SBEMP. Our attorneys’ trained expertise in all options of ADR choices, with the inclusion but not restricted to the arbitration and mediation.

Our team is confident in alternative dispute resolution and we protect our clients in a multitude of differing types of legal disputes in the courtroom as well as through out-of-court processes like arbitration and mediation.

SBEMP is current, above board, and holds years expertise in mediation. By combining our comprehensive, substantive information of alternative areas of law within which our attorneys function, our various dispute resolution team provides parties an economical and prompt results to drawn-out proceedings.

Resolution through mediation or alternative dispute procedures requires tactful discourse to permit the parties to boost communication, perceive the position of the opposing party, investigate the strengths of all parties, and to lastly hasten the resolve of solutions that exist inside and outside the scope of imagination. We act in the interest of our clients while also attempting to apply methods and reasoning that aid in the prevention of frustration or anger which can interrupt each of the parties and our opponents’ attorneys from going forward.

Processes Within Alternative Dispute Resolution

Alternative Dispute Resolution has the potential to be a cluster of processes like arbitration, mediation, or negotiation, within which the parties work to resolve their dispute outside of proceedings. We often advocate for mediation and different styles of alternative dispute resolution as they can provide resolution for disputes fast and affordably than proceedings in the court room.

Even the resolution of legal fees permits lawyers and clients with a dispute over the fees incurred for legal services to search out an answer through mediation and/or arbitration, instead of litigation.


Mediation is one explicit technique of Alternative Dispute Resolution and could be a method that takes a fraction of the energy, expense, and time of courtroom proceedings. This permits participants to get a resolution that addresses their own interests, even in ways in that may not be obtainable within the formal judicial setting and procedure.

Businesses usually try to limit energy, resources, and time concerned in these disputes through ADR. Mediation, and different aspects of diverse dispute resolution — conciliation and arbitration — could also be adapted to resolve problems involving business, civil, estate, family and different areas of the law, expeditiously and economically, avoiding expenses and delays.

The ability for any success of mediation will attempt to resolve between the parties on all sides and can depend in part on the goodwill of the parties concerned. Rather than the “all-or-nothing” approach of court within which jury decides the fate of your case, a neutral go-between works to assist all sides with a resolution each can settle a dispute and walk away with. The goal of mediations is for the parties to voluntarily settle their dispute; mediation accomplishes disputes by producing an actual settlement agreement.

Resolving Disputes with Alternative Dispute Resolution

It is necessary to comprehend that ADR is likely less costly than court and trial. Also, the parties to the dispute can have more control by collaborating. Litigation will prove long and become pricey, therefore even an effort for a courtroom victory might not be the simplest method to resolve disputes.

Mediators practicing solely in mediation or solely within ADR might bring a limited or noncurrent perspective to your dispute. Often, mediation and arbitration ways will salvage time and expense and the stress of looking at litigation.

Contact SBEMP regarding ADR and if this might be the simplest choice for your distinctive scenario.

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