How Mediation Effectively Resolves Cases Without Going To Court

Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution procedure where the parties meet with a trained impartial party, called a mediator, and attempt to achieve a settlement of the dispute. Throughout the dispute resolution process, the two parties will work with an attorney to achieve agreements on several problems.

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

A kind of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation happens when an individual third party, or mediator, helps a couple of parties involved with a dispute pay a settlement.

A neutral third party facilitates the conversation between the parties and their attorneys and keeps them focused on choices to solve the dispute.

SBEMP’s attorneys are experienced in handling mediation and arbitration cases, in addition to litigation.

Why is Mediation Effective In Handling Cases?

Because the mediator works directly with the parties, mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes that arise in litigation settlements

Mediators seek to find solutions in meditation. They are trained to handle legal disputes, including business and civil mediation.

While collaboration isn’t always the first consideration when dealing with a legal dispute, several law problems can be resolved via mediation.

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

The formality is eliminated by the mediation process of lawsuit where parties could devote a year or several years in lawsuit with the entire process of litigation.

The advantages to mediation are
(1) decisions are made by the parties, rather than a third party who has just heard evidence on a brief time period;
(2) that the price is significantly less than litigating many problems;
(3) resolutions are what the party agrees to and are generally settled; and
(4) this practice is confidential.

What Mediators Cannot Do

As a mediator cannot offer any legal advice about some parties, even if you aren’t currently represented by an attorney however, you have legal questions regarding your situation (like what your situation could be worth or what to take as a great” settlement), then you need to speak to a lawyer prior to the mediation, which means you might make an educated choice regarding settling your situation.

A mediator is a neutral third party and does not take sides – in the mediation process, they assist the two partners to achieve a resolution.

The top mediators are professionally trained in mediation, are wholly impartial, understand the problems, and will also be specialists in resolving the intricate financial issues surrounding the procedure.

If agreement can’t be achieved on one or more of those problems employing this strategy, the litigation will probably proceed.

If you believe that you have grounds to pursue litigation, but you would like to resolve the issues through mediation, contact our Palm Springs mediation and arbitration lawyers at SBEMP. One of our skilled attorneys are available for a consultation for you to ask questions and receive our honest assessment of your case.

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