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    Benefit of Using Alternative Dispute Resolution to Resolve Disputes

    Going to trial is not the only way to resolve a particular legal dispute. Even if a matter goes to litigation, the two parties can always negotiate a settlement by undergoing the process known as alternative dispute resolution. The various methods of this process include mediation, negotiation, arbitration and collaborative law. Using ADR provides parties with a number of different benefits. One of our Palm Springs arbitration lawyer can explain to you how ADR can help resolve any business dispute.

    Time Is A Benefit To ADR

    According to statistics and legal experts, 95 percent of federal lawsuits settle on the courthouse steps. In order to settle cases before they go to court, the implementation of ADR strategy can allow both parties to handle a dispute more efficiently. Using this strategy can help resolve a dispute months and even years earlier than litigation.

    Using the ADR Process Saves Money

    For many people involved in business disputes, litigation procedures under court rule are often slow down the process of settling a dispute. The process of discovery is not based on obtaining information at a reasonable cost.

    While courts restrict discovery that can be a burden to one party, they often do this after the balance between cost and benefit is lost. Legal experts say that the longer a dispute takes to settle, the higher the cost. As a result, it is important to reach a settlement quickly in any litigation process.

    ADR Gets Positive Results

    A number of disputes are handled by undergoing the ADR process. Whether it is a routine business dispute or a complex case, ADR helps both parties reach a settlement within a reasonable time frame. In many cases, ADR was able to help numerous parties reach a quick agreement on issues such as mergers and acquisitions, large business disputes, environmental disasters, securities fraud class action suits and international transactions.

    When To Contact A Law Firm About ADR

    If any business or individual is in a lawsuit or other legal matter in litigation, it is a good idea to contact a law firm that provides ADR. With a quality law firm that provides ADR, individuals and businesses will be in position to resolve legal disputes quickly. This will allow them to receive the benefits of cost savings, favorable results and saving time. To learn more about how you can use ADR to resolve any legal dispute, contact our Palm Springs arbitration lawyer today for an immediate consultation.

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