Avoid Litigation with Alternative Dispute Resolution

An important side of our ability in achieving the self-made resolution of commercial disputes is our attorneys’ expertise in alternative dispute resolution. Resolving issues in commercial litigation and disputes can be core to a company’s business implementation and strategy. When disputes arise, business owners and public entities can usually choose to settle outside the court, through judicial litigation procedures, instead of facing trial.

A business disagreement could be a result of various issues, that is why the multidisciplinary fortes of SBEMP can handle any legal issue presented. We have experience serving with several business issues.

Experience and Knowledge Is Critical In Dispute Resolution

When a business faces the judicial proceeding of litigation under the threat of a proceeding, involving knowledgeable associates about business judicial proceedings early is crucial.

Commercial or business judicial proceedings cover a large type of disputes and legal problems concerning business and business activities. You need associate knowledgeable about business. SBEMP can work to shield your interests through drafting solid contracts and agreements and by following swift resolution of disputes and lawsuits.

Known Issues and Scope Of Litigation

Common problems concerned in litigation for business or commercial issues embrace torts, disputes over contracts, noncompete problems, copyright or secret judicial proceedings, investor disputes, and more.

This includes the normal styles or all matter of material that are related to the phrase “commercial and company judicial proceeding.” Items such as amount disputes, construction disputes , contract disputes, directors’ and officers’ liability, finance and lease disputes, business problems with governmental entities, franchise disputes, shareholder/partner disputes, property disputes, skilled liability disputes, loan and warranty disputes, fraud, secret and trademark property, intellectual property, client judicial proceeding, debtor/creditor problems, and a range of regulative matters touching business and commerce, like licensing and code regulative compliance disputes.


Arbitration and mediation are sometimes utilized to resolve disputes outside of the court; clauses become compelling to disputing parties to partake within the former and are currently usually written into business contracts.

SBEMP habitually advise consumers and business owners that experience a full-blown judicial proceeding is typically an uneconomical approach and usually is not good for resolution to business or to any party involved.

The SBEMP Advantage

The firm additionally encompasses an established catalog of success representing clients in advanced, high-stakes judicial proceeding in state and federal levels while tackling a large array of advanced and complex legal problems.

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