What are Public Contracts?

State codes that prohibit public officials and public staff from making public contracts during which they exhibit a monetary interest is notoriously obscure, broad, and often malleable. Many states create laws for non-appointed and appointed officials discouraging all staff and representatives from having a vested interest in any contract created by them in their official capability. However, state courts and politics have taken these terms loosely, creating hazardous straightforward violations to certain statutes sometimes while not even knowing it.

Creating a Public Contract

First, making a public contract does not simply mean proposing or voting on items or articles. Through discovery, a public official or public worker that participates in discussions, planning, or negotiations in a contract is could potentially be found to be involved in the process of its creation.

Violations will have vital impacts on a contract, as a contract entered into by a part during which one or additional public officers features a monetary interest can void the contract altogether and allow the general public the agency to hunt any funds paid.

The Rejection And Voiding Of A Contract

A Court of Appeals can reject all or part of a contractors’ arguments, discovering that the proof within the contract/s that officials exhibited monetary interest within the contract/s, nulling or voiding it completely. Additionally, to the ethics violation, throughout associate investigation the jury may find that officials or public servants may be accused or charged with corruption or other similar charges.

Let SBEMP Protect You And Your Contract

SBEMP is a Palm Springs municipal law firm competent in handling this area in many types of forms of contracts. Some examples of our representation is included but not limited to: performing bond work-outs and restructuring, associated advising on monetary market disclosures; to defense of former staff claims and the prosecution by the state or federal organizations; to proceedings to limit pension edges supported unauthorized contracts, to responding to investigations, to reviewing a loan program and personnel investigations; to malpractice claims against former law companies, accounting companies, bond finance firms; and city officials, buildings, and utilities; to addressing insurers and getting recoveries; to coordinating with the professional general and public prosecutor on prosecutions and getting restitution.

Contact us and allow us to review the best way to represent and protect you and/or your legal rights and interests.

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