The Rights of Workers When They are Attacked at Work

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After being injured in an accident, you may decide to hire a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer and file a suit against the company or person responsible. Taking immediate action by hiring a personal injury lawyer will show the insurance company you are serious about going to trial. People with an attorney will usually get better treatment from the insurer because they know a jury typically favors those who have been injured. Continue reading

Personal injury is not just an infliction of physical harm, but includes emotional distress. It consists of cases that cause physical, mental and emotional pain to victims due to another party’s intentional act or negligence. The most common personal injury incidents in the United States are due to auto accidents that vary from mild to severe injuries, even devastating consequences, including death. Continue reading

One thing that people do not remember about the law is the statute of limitations. Our Palm Springs personal injury law firm would be able to make sure that everything is done correctly and in a timely manner. Our lawyers would make sure that all the paperwork is correct and filed within the timeframe. Continue reading

Often when individuals discuss getting help for personal injuries, they bring up the large amount of money that is associated with using law services. However, a Palm Springs personal injury attorney can make it easy for clients to discuss their cases and find out what their next steps should be. Continue reading

The Top Tips on Avoiding Personal Injury

One of the most difficult things to convey to the general public about sexually transmitted diseases, especially genital herpes, is that wealth and appearances do not mean an absence of disease. Many people have the misconception that someone who is well off and worries about their appearance will be free from disease, but this is not the case. In fact, there is no certain way to remain disease free without being tested regularly and insisting that your partner is also tested. Continue reading

Question: I was recently part of a complaint including a Statement of Damages in a situation with a default judgment. More specifically, I was a pedestrian crossing the street on a green light when a woman, using her cell phone, struck me while turning left. I am wondering how I might be able to calculate my damages. Are there any resources that will help me find a value for my case? Continue reading

With the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases continuing on, more and more clients are asking if they can sue a sexual partner for giving them an infection. In truth, the answer varies. Some clients are successful and others are not. Whether or not you may be able to sue often depends on your Palm Springs personal injury law firm. Continue reading

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