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    A Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Shares The Top 2 Tips to Avoid Personal Injury by Sexually Transmitted Diseases

    The Top Tips on Avoiding Personal Injury

    One of the most difficult things to convey to the general public about sexually transmitted diseases, especially genital herpes, is that wealth and appearances do not mean an absence of disease. Many people have the misconception that someone who is well off and worries about their appearance will be free from disease, but this is not the case. In fact, there is no certain way to remain disease free without being tested regularly and insisting that your partner is also tested.

    How to Avoid Personal Injury by Having Your Partner Tested (and See the Results)

    There are a number of things that you can do to reduce your chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease. Perhaps the most important is to avoid casual sex. When you decide that you have found someone you want to be with, it is important that both of you sit down and have an open conversation about sexually transmitted diseases. Make your position known and allow your partner to do the same. It is equally important, if not more so, that you both get tested and that each partner sees the other’s results.

    Only then will you be able to know for certain that you are starting on a relationship with a partner who is truly disease free. This will not only have dramatic implications for your physical health in the future, but also for your financial and emotional health. It will also help you if the legal battle ensues over sexually transmitted diseases later on.

    How a Palm Springs Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

    If you find yourself in a situation where you are suffering a personal injury from sexually transmitted diseases, it is important to contact a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer. By seeking out the help of Palm Springs personal injury legal counsel, you are beginning the process of standing up for your legal rights if you have been infected.

    However, there are several things that you must understand in order to be successful in any legal case. The first thing you should understand is that almost 50% of the people who get infected with a sexually transmitted disease such as genital herpes have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. As a result, you or your partner may be carrying the disease and not even know it. You then infect everyone that you are with.

    Single Women Need to Be Tested to Provide Proof Before All Partners

    This is an especially large problem for single women or women who are in the process of getting a divorce as a result of finding out that they were infected. A Palm Springs personal injury law firm can definitely help you in your quest for legal fairness, but proving that your partner is the one that infected you is very difficult unless you were tested before you had sex.

    Ask to Be Tested for Genital Herpes

    It is also important to realize that being tested for sexually transmitted diseases does not necessarily mean that you will be tested for genital herpes. In most cases, you have to ask to be tested for that disease specifically. In addition, you should be tested every six months or every time that you have sex with a new partner. This is virtually the only way to prove that your partner infected you.

    Be Adamant and See the Results of Your Partner

    Finally, be adamant about ensuring that you see the test results from your partner. Never take someone else’s word for it that the test came back negative. It is only by having the necessary legal documentation that you will be able to prove in court that a given partner infected you. By keeping these things in mind you can protect both your physical health and your financial well being much more easily.

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