How Real Estate and Land Law Attorneys in Coachella Valley Offer the Top 5 Things to Know Before Buying Land

Coachella Valley Property Law

Before you try to buy land in Coachella Valley, there are a few things it is important to know. A Coachella Valley real estate attorney is a strong ally to have in your corner before you venture into this sometimes confusing realm.

Real Estate Is Governed On A State By State Basis

No matter what state you do business in, that state holds exclusive jurisdiction over every plot of land within its borders (with the exception of federally owned parks and military installations). In the past, when these laws were passed, different states offered different crops, and thus played host to radically differing economies. It was thus necessary to devise laws, which formulated a clearly defined understanding of how these crops should be cultivated and marketed.

Today, these concerns are largely a thing of the past. However, states still maintain full control concerning the use of all land within their borders. It is an excellent idea to contact your local Coachella Valley real estate attorney to help with all questions and concerns you may have in this regard.

Are You Planning To Live On A Specialty Estate?

A freehold estate is for an indefinite period of time. A non-freehold estate is property you rent according to a contract. Specialty estates are basically condominiums. Since their introduction, condominiums have become a very popular form of property ownership. The law governing condominiums decrees that the principle of ownership functions on a cooperative basis. In other words, each tenant (owner) pays a fixed price to own his or her individual share of the property. If you have any unanswered questions in this area, it is an excellent idea to confer with a Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm.

What Are Incorporeal Interests?

Incorporeal interests include properties on your real estate, which are not physical things. These properties include such items as easements (the rights to use property for purposes such as building a garage or planting a garden). Other examples can include agreements you have reached with neighboring property owners regarding communal use of shared areas. These sorts of interests are particularly prone to misapprehension and litigation, so it is an excellent idea to contact a Coachella Valley commercial litigation law firm before entering into them.

Eminent Domain Laws

With the use of Eminent Domain laws, the government reserves the right to repossess privately owned land. Thanks to the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, the government does have the right to acquire privately owned property for “public” use. This amendment does provide for “fair” compensation to the previous owner of the land. Both state and local governments are free to exercise this power if they feel the need. Real estate and land law attorneys in Coachella Valley can answer more questions in this regard.

Zoning Laws

The government also has the right to determine how private real estate is used. Zoning is the most commonly resorted to form of land use legislation. Zoning laws divide the different types of real estate based on the type of land, as well as nearby structures. Property owners have the right to petition their local government to allow them to build or remodel structures on their privately held land. However, the government makes the final decision as to allow or disallow such initiatives. For this reason, it is an excellent idea for property owners in the region to get to know their local real estate and land law attorneys in Coachella Valley.

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