Why Real Estate Transactions Are Best Trusted to an Expert Real Estate Attorney

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An entitlement is an official approval from the government that allows you to develop a property on a specific plot of land for specific uses. Although real estate and land law attorneys in Coachella Valley can help you get your entitlement, you must know the multiple obstacles you may face before it’s obtained. Continue reading

In recent years, many projects were abandoned due to the economy and lack of housing demand. Abandoned projects have caused more construction cases.

Each case has its own specific problem. Therefore, the need for construction attorneys has become a big necessity. Continue reading

Buying and selling real estate can be a confusing processes for many people who have not had experience with purchase agreements, land rights, underwriting documentation, or any other real estate transaction requirements. With the help of a Coachella Valley real estate attorney, the process can be simplified, and most property transactions will smoothly commence without delay. Continue reading

The California Green Law was formed and drafted by a consortium of state agencies, including, but limited to, the Department of Housing and Community Development, the California State Lands Commission and the California Building Standards Commission. This particular law has twelve parts. As part of the California Building Standards code, these changes are published every three years per the California State legislature, and take effect 180 days after the bill is passed. The legislation allows for collective establishment of strict building standards that take into consideration any local climatic, geological or topographical conditions that may prevail in a specific region. Continue reading

When it comes to real estate investing, there are three common types of lawsuits filed. The three most common types of lawsuits are: breach of contract by the buyer, breach of contract by the seller, and non-disclosure of significant property deficiency. Each of these different types of lawsuits has ramifications for each side of the lawsuit. Continue reading

If you’re looking for a prosperous investment, you should look into buying land. Land, unlike homes in the real estate market, will never lose value regardless of what happens in the economy. Also, buying raw land will enable you to do whatever you would like on that property. A Coachella Valley real estate attorney can give more information on what is allowed on certain types of land. Continue reading

When looking for experienced and professional real estate and land law attorneys in Coachella Valley, our Law Firm is a great choice because we specialize in real estate closings. Our company is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience in all aspects of real estate, including sales and purchases. Continue reading

According to the California Planning & Development Report (CP&DR) staff, there are possible changes to California’s Infrastructure Financing District law that may have implications for individuals and corporations looking to take part in redevelopment in the state. Some of the changes proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown, however, may be confusing and are best explained by your Coachella Valley real estate attorney. Continue reading

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