The Significance of an Entitlement for Land Use and Obstacles You May Face Before Obtaining One

An entitlement is an official approval from the government that allows you to develop a property on a specific plot of land for specific uses. Although real estate and land law attorneys in Coachella Valley can help you get your entitlement, you must know the multiple obstacles you may face before it’s obtained.

Here are a few of the obstacles:

1. Zoning, as well as zoning variances, can prevent you from building your property a certain way. Zones have certain laws and regulations that all properties within that zone must abide. Zoning variances may allow exceptions to any zoning ordinances that are directly unfair for the property or landowner.

2. Permits, like zoning variances, can also be received for exceptional use of your property.

3. Rezoning can be an alternative to zoning and zoning variances. If your current zone is an inconvenience and a zoning variance is not enough, then you can try to relocate to a zone with more flexible laws. Although this process is much more difficult and complex, a Coachella Valley land use and zoning attorney can help you with the rezoning process.

4. Landscaping approvals are needed to ensure that the design of your building will not conflict with the landscape to the point where it may cause harm to anyone in or near your property.

5. Road approvals allow you to create new roads for your new property, if needed.

6.Utility approvals will ensure that you have all the utilities your property will need.

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