Coachella Valley Land Use and Zoning Attorneys Share How Zoning Ordinances Could Affect Your Real Estate

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You might own some real estate, but the way you use your property could be limited. There are zoning ordinances that can affect what you can and cannot do. The good news is that you have several options available to help you handle these types of conflicts. You want to be armed with knowledge of what to do whenever zoning regulations conflict with what your want to do with your own property. Learn and understand all about conditional use, non-conforming use, spot zoning, and zoning variances. Then you’ll be equipped to handle disputes. Continue reading

Asset managers and property owners should have a full understanding of surety bonds in order to manage risk regarding contracted construction work. Surety bonds are an excellent resource for reducing the inherent risk that is involved in any contractual construction project, and those who have the best understanding of surety bonds, such as those who have consulted a Coachella Valley real estate attorney, have traditionally had the most success in the scope of contract negotiations and enforcement of duties. Continue reading

Eminent domain is a useful maneuver, which typically fulfills a needed government desire for land to benefit the community. Without it, we may not have courthouses, post offices, police or fire stations, city streets, jails, highways, running water, electricity, and many other amenities we take for granted every day. As Americans, we are fortunate to be compensated for property deemed “necessary” by our government. In many other countries such compensation is not given to property owners. Continue reading

Common Reasons for Real Estate Lawsuits

There are a variety of reasons for real estate court cases. The most common causes include breach of contract, breach of fiduciary responsibility, partition, and real estate fraud, boundary disputes and quite title. How is it possible to determine if the reasons for actions are appropriate to your own property litigation and what can these various legal terms mean? Continue reading

Zoning regulations are used by communities across the country as a way to control and plan for future land development. The overall goals of the zoning regulations are to protect the rights of landowners as wellas the rights of the public. However, there are times when zoning boards make decisions that compromise the rights of either the landowner or the public. Continue reading

Coachella Valley Property Law

Before you try to buy land in Coachella Valley, there are a few things it is important to know. A Coachella Valley real estate attorney is a strong ally to have in your corner before you venture into this sometimes confusing realm. Continue reading

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