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Our Coachella Valley real estate attorney helps clients through complicated, difficult real estate transactions, both nationally and internationally. Our firm advises and represents clients who own property, develop property, or finance real estate sales or development. We also represent contractors with interest in real estate development projects in Riverside County. Our law firm can help you with foreclosures, eminent domain issues, and residential or commercial leases.

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When expansion occurs in cities, governments must have the ability to use private land. Without this ability, the government would be unable to provide for society’s needs. This right to procure the land is referred to as eminent domain. This right comes from the constitutions of both state and federal law. Adequate compensation must be given to the owner of the property used.

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Commercial leases and residential leases are very different animals. First of all, a commercial lease is simply a contract between a business and a landlord for the ability to rent a building. The lease can be for a short time period (as low as even just a month) or long term (sometimes as long as fifteen years). The lease can be a written document or it can also be oral. Usually oral leases are difficult for judges to enforce after a year has gone by. Continue reading

Any engineer or developer – or even an individual stakeholder – could eventually be in the position of having to appear before a variety of government agencies, having been asked to provide information relating to specific details concerning zoning regulations, whether or not there are actually issues in dispute. Continue reading

An attorney whose focus is real estate law will deal with transactions involving property. Such transactions include inspection of homes, purchases, lease agreements and appraisals. On a few rare occasions, these lawyers will deal with environmental and insurance issues. But in general, this attorney will speak on behalf of the landowners when they are in the middle of issues that must be resolved in the courts. Continue reading

Buying and selling real estate can be a confusing processes for many people who have not had experience with purchase agreements, land rights, underwriting documentation, or any other real estate transaction requirements. With the help of a Coachella Valley real estate attorney, the process can be simplified, and most property transactions will smoothly commence without delay. Continue reading

The California Green Law was formed and drafted by a consortium of state agencies, including, but limited to, the Department of Housing and Community Development, the California State Lands Commission and the California Building Standards Commission. This particular law has twelve parts. As part of the California Building Standards code, these changes are published every three years per the California State legislature, and take effect 180 days after the bill is passed. The legislation allows for collective establishment of strict building standards that take into consideration any local climatic, geological or topographical conditions that may prevail in a specific region. Continue reading

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