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    How to Understand Zoning Laws for Commercial Real Estate

    They say the most important thing in business is location, but going along with that, knowing that the location is in a proper zone for your business is the important part. Your local commercial Coachella Valley real estate attorney can help steer you into the right information needed for the complex situations that arise in this unique part of California.

    Check the Zoning Laws 

    The first thing to remember is that you always check the zoning laws for a given property before you sign a lease or make other commitments to do business there. Some kinds of businesses may be allowed while others aren’t. In some cases, where the zoning board is taking some time to make up its mind, a contingent lease can be used, which would not hold you liable for the property if the zoning laws worked against you.

    What Zoning Laws are Designed to Do

    Zoning laws are designed to prohibit property owners from interfering with each other. Depending on the uses of the property, several of them might be too noisy or polluting for the neighborhood.

    For instance, a nearby school would prohibit a nightclub from going next door. Noisy industry, such as a sawmill, doesn’t belong in a retail-clothing environment. You’d be ill advised to open an industrial solvent factory next to a zoo, because even though they both count as heavy industry, the animals at the zoo could get ill from runoff and fumes from the chemicals.

    Factors that Affect Zoning Laws

    Further zoning laws and ordinances might affect such factors as traffic, parking, signs for advertisement, environmental quality, waste management, and even the appearance of the business.

    How a business looks may matter a great deal in historic districts or business neighborhoods, which are upscale and trend-sensitive. There are even restrictions against the number of some businesses per zone, so that two bars per block is allowed, but three is right out.

    How Our Coachella Valley Real Estate Attorneys Help

    While some laws may seem non-intuitive and hard to understand, and some zoning boards may even seem outrageously petty, it’s still easier to do business with the blessings of city hall rather than fight against it. Your real estate attorney can advise you on finding the right business zone to settle in.

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