Palm Springs Personal Injury Legal Counsel Answers: How Do I Calculate Damages for My Case?

Question: I was recently part of a complaint including a Statement of Damages in a situation with a default judgment. More specifically, I was a pedestrian crossing the street on a green light when a woman, using her cell phone, struck me while turning left. I am wondering how I might be able to calculate my damages. Are there any resources that will help me find a value for my case?

Answer: If your case falls into the category of most injury cases, the way you were injured does not influence the damages. The influential factors include both economic and non-economic components.

The economic factors include money that was lost as the direct result of the accident. This might include loss of income when an injury prevents you from working or even when an injury reduces your hours, forcing you to work less to go to doctor’s appointments. Additional eligible moneys include those paid for treatment, medication and damaged property. Speaking to your Palm Springs personal injury legal counsel will clear up much of the confusion. You should have no trouble calculating the value of these costs if you have receipts and previous pay stubs.

The non-economic factors might be a bit more difficult to find value for. These fees include damages awarded for pain and suffering, also called emotional distress. This area is a bit stickier, but it is the job of a Palm Springs personal injury law firm to help you determine accurate numbers. If you enjoy running every morning and you can no longer do this because of the accident, you may be awarded additional funds because your enjoyment of life is affected. You may also consider persisting pain and psychological trauma.

In the case of non-economic factors, it is wise to ask others around you what they think your loss might be worth. After all, the jury will be made up of ordinary people. You can also do online research to see what other people received in similar cases. In most cases, the amount that a person receives for a non-economic loss is comparable to the economic loss. A Palm Springs personal injury lawyer will be able to help you determine reasonable numbers.

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