Compensation in a Personal Injury Case: What’s Compensated For & Settlements

After being injured in an accident, you may decide to hire a Palm Springs personal injury lawyer and file a suit against the company or person responsible. Taking immediate action by hiring a personal injury lawyer will show the insurance company you are serious about going to trial. People with an attorney will usually get better treatment from the insurer because they know a jury typically favors those who have been injured.

What’s Compensated for In a Personal Injury Case?

Physical, mental, and emotional distress that limit your ability to complete normal activities can all be compensated for in a personal injury case. Sometimes, insurance companies inadequately compensate individuals for their pain and suffering. A personal injury attorney can work to make sure you receive fair compensation for your pain and suffering.

How Does the Insurance Company Come Up with the Settlement Offer?

Insurance companies normally calculate your settlement using a system of multiplying medical costs by a multiplier between one-and-a-half to five times. These multipliers vary among companies, making it necessary that a personal injury attorney is involved to ensure a fair settlement. It is important to hire a Palm Springs personal injury law firm with experience handling personal injury cases.

It Takes Time to Build a Case

It’s crucial to give yourself time to heal as well as adequate time for your attorney to build your case. During this time an attorney can help you navigate through lien claims by medical providers and make sure you are treated fairly. All claims should be negotiated with your lawyer before a final settlement occurs. After a settlement is made final, you can no longer negotiate a claim.

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