The Rights of Workers When They are Attacked at Work

What happens when someone assaults you on the job? Who gets blamed for the incident? Did anyone get hurt? Can the employer be held liable for personal injuries? These are just a few of the legal questions asked when someone is assaulted at work.

Unfortunately, the tension level can run high in the workplace, and uncontrollable frustration sometimes leads to violence. Work related stress, personal problems and a multitude of other factors could create a work environment that pushes some employees over the edge.

However, workers should know their rights when they are attacked at work, and seeking counsel from a Palm Springs personal injury law firm can help. It is best to know and understand your rights when a workplace incident such as this happens.

Disciplinary Measures

Who is ultimately held liable for the fight? According to a recent article in, quite naturally, the person who started the fight can be brought up on criminal charges. However, the assaulted worker is usually disciplined in the same manner as the attacker. Many times it can even result in unjust termination.

Personal Injuries and Damages

In addition, there may be other concerns that must be dealt with such as personal injury and property damage. In addition, the assaulted worker could hold the employer responsible for the workplace incident since it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure the safety of all employees. This is especially the case if the employer failed to perform the required employee background checks.

All in all, no one wants to be a victim of workplace violence, but if and when it does happen, allow a Palm Springs personal injury attorney to help your case.

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