How Law Firms Help With Trademarks that Follow State Regulations

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A subtle issue that arises for new business owners is the concern with trademarks. Trademarks are an intellectual property that displays products and services. Some examples of trademarks include Phrases, logos, words, images and symbols. Trademark could also be a combination of all the components. Continue reading

When You Need a Business Lawyer

As a businessperson, making the decision to seek an attorney is similar to the way you decide to make a doctor’s appointment. For example, if you are experiencing an emergency, you would not hesitate to seek medical attention. On the other hand, if you had a simple cold, you would wait to see if you felt better before going to the doctor. Continue reading

Question: What sort of contract should you have when you’re employing a developer for equity?

Is this contract what you would give to employees other than the compensation part? What is the regular practice if a company plans to give more equity for one employee over another? If I’ve 50% equity and a contracting developer has also 50% equity, what happens if I choose to bring another member on and offer them 10% equity? Is it possible to take 5% from the developer and my equity to pay this person? Continue reading

Question: What are the proper steps for a company to follow when tasked with informing employees of a decrease in their pay?

Answer: In this circumstance, the company’s formula for determining an annual increase in pay is based upon market share and employee tenure. The employee in question was not notified that their market share had declined before a decrease in their pay went into effect. The company’s compensation analyst claimed that the employee might have been verbally notified, but appeared uncertain of this fact. Neither the employee’s director, nor their manager stated that they were aware of the pay decrease. The Human Resources Department responded to the situation by issuing a memo to the Vice President and all directors, which included information regarding the date of the pay scale revision. Continue reading

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