How Arbitration Is Important in Business Agreements

Arbitration is becoming increasingly important in many business agreements. The services of a Coachella Valley arbitration lawyer can help with all your arbitration needs, from drawing up contracts, to representation.

An arbitration contract cannot be invalidated because it contains provisions prohibiting class actions. Such provisions are usually included by businesses, because arbitration is a remedy for an individual’s claims.

The National Labor Relations Board decided that inclusion of a class waiver in employment contracts constitutes unfair labor practice. This decision has been appealed. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently started a study of arbitration, as required by the Dodd-Frank Act, which also gave the Bureau authority to regulate or ban, arbitration in some consumer agreements.

The attack on arbitration is based on the unjustified stereotype of a court system, which is efficient and accessible to all. The arcane and complex rules and lengthy delays keep many ordinary people from benefitting from the court system. Arbitration is unjustly stereotyped as favoring businesses with biased decision makers. Actually arbitration provides an alternative in which fairness is protected through judicial supervision.

Plaintiffs’ lawyers argue that class actions are essential in providing compensation and in deterring wrongful conduct, however most class actions produce little compensation, and most corporations regard class actions, as part the cost of doing business.

Theoretically the judicial system is the best way to resolve disputes, however in reality, the courts today do not always provide fairness in dispute resolution. Arbitration provides a much needed increase in access to justice for everyone.

Our Coachella Valley corporate law firm provides multiple legal services in the Palm Springs area. Our skills of our Coachella Valley corporate attorney team will help with your corporate law needs, from contract work, to court, the Coachella Valley corporate law firm, can do the job for you.

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