Why Choose Arbitration Over Mediation?

Arbitration and mediation are viable alternatives for those seeking to avoid litigation. But arbitration is often the better choice for several reasons. We’ve outlined the benefits of choosing arbitration over litigation in this post.

The Time Issue

Arbitration has an allotted time for reaching a resolution. This encourages those involved to work in a timely manner. But if your case is complicated, or has several arbitrators, it may take longer than usual. However, arbitration is still often faster than mediation. With mediation, an unskilled mediator could prolong the process or fail to reach a resolution. In the end, you’d still end up in court.

The Money Issue

Historically, arbitration is less expensive than litigation. But that is changing as more highly-skilled lawyers become involved. A well-known arbitrator may charge $3,000 to $4,000 per day for their services. But when you consider arbitration is quicker and less complicated than mediation, you’ll generally find that the cost is worth it.

Issues of Fairness

There are circumstances in which mediation works against you. For example, a mediator may convince you to settle for less. The mediator may point out problems with your complaint. Or talk of difficulties you’ll face if you refuse to accept an offer. The mediator is simply trying to get done fast as possible, even if the outcome works against you.

Get Help with Arbitration

If you’re in Palm Springs, contact one of our experienced Palm Springs arbitration lawyers for assistance with your case. It only takes a minute to schedule a free consultation with your local Palm Springs arbitration lawyer.

Experienced Arbitration Attorneys of SBEMP

Why Choose Arbitration Over Mediation?

David L. Baron

Why Choose Arbitration Over Mediation?

Thomas S. Slovak

Why Choose Arbitration Over Mediation?

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