Is Arbitration Right for Me?

There is not much worse in life than having to spend time and energy going to court to settle a dispute.  You have heard about arbitration, but you thought that it could only be used in big dollar amount cases, and not for your small claim commercial case. Arbitration uses a third party to settle a claim, the third party will review the evidence and come to a decision that is legally binding and will be enforced by the court.

Typically arbitration cases will be much faster that a litigated case, most only taking a few days.  Normally with claims under $25,000 the case will be heard by documents only unless a party requests a hearing and the arbitrator grants it. 

In a lot of instances, even in small claim commercial cases, arbitration is the better solution. Arbitration costs money, but how much depends on a number of factors, an internet search of your dispute resolution provider may provide you with some answers. Laws about arbitration also vary by jurisdiction, and some even have a requirement to arbitrate. 

In any case, if you are looking for a quick and fair resolution without the hassle of the litigation, then arbitration may be right for you.  You would not ask your mechanic for help with your knee problem, would you?  A consultation with our Palm Springs arbitration lawyers would be the best way to get the answers you seek.  We would be able to point you in the right direction and provide arbitration services. Contact us for a consultation.

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