Mediation as a Tool of Personal Injury Claims for Sex Torts

Sexually transmitted diseases are in no way uncommon, yet the transmission of STDs can result in civil, or even criminal, charges. In our culture STDs hold a stigma that might result in them being hidden or undisclosed by one partner to another. In extreme cases, STDs can purposely spread.

Regardless of how the transmission occurs, depending upon the jurisdiction of the incident and the laws therein, there could be legal liability for transmitting STDs. However, in recent years, there has been a movement away from formal legal proceedings and a focus on mediation as a way to settle personal injury disputes.

How Mediation Can Help with Your Personal Injury Dispute

Mediation is the process of sitting down with a neutral third-party person who specializes in mediating the dispute. The idea of mediation is that both parties have a chance to talk and try to come to a mutually satisfying solution. The dispute will end when both parties reach that conclusion. Since nothing said during mediation can be used later in any further dispute, if the two don’t reach an agreement, they simply go back to the position they were in before mediation occurred.

The Benefit of Mediation Over a Lawsuit

Since mediation is completely voluntary, the cost is split between the two parties and it’s much cheaper than getting a lawyer for a formal lawsuit. The entire process is also much less stressful and free of legal procedures.

How Mediation Works

In a personal injury dispute, mediation follows a simple structure. Each person has a chance to speak to the mediator in private, as well as with the other party present. Then, the two individuals have a chance to talk in front of the mediator who uses the information gathered from both sides to facilitate enough of a compromise in position that an agreement can hopefully be reached.

Palm Springs Mediation in Sex Torts

If you live in Palm Springs and are interested in learning more about seeking mediation for a sex torts case, please contact our law firm so we can answer any questions you have.

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