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Coachella Valley Environmental Lawyer: The Many Sides of Our Firm and How We Help Our Clients

Our firm helps customers out with a number of issues and grievances. Below you will find a brief outline of 4 areas of expertise.

1) Transactional Practice 

We help customers with real property and business transactions concerning everything from purchasing power and agreements to the environmental issues regarding real estate. 

2) Environmental and Other Natural Resources 

We help our clients in all areas regarding environmental regulations. We also assist with the buying and selling of purchasing power. Anything related to regulations we go through with a fine-tooth comb. A full list of everything we handle here is available here.

3) Compliance

Our job is to make our client’s lives easier when it comes to compliance. We meet with clients and discuss everything from environmental business agreements and audits to hazard communication. We make sure all businesses are making the right choices when it comes to hazardous wastes and handling materials.

4) Claims and Other Types of Enforcement 

We handle everything from notices to penalties for people who not follow the rules and regulations. Click here to read an in-depth script of everything covered under our firm.

Any questions you have for our firm can be discussed during a consultation. Do you want to speak with one of our lawyers about setting up an appointment or meeting? Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your environmental law case! 

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