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Build an Effective Litigation Team for Construction Defect Recovery

Palm Springs construction defect civil litigation serves customers by skillfully defending defect claims. Our legal team is experienced in this area of law and accomplished at conveying the necessary information to jurors.

We are experts at managing the insurance problems customers encounter when dealing with construction litigations. It is important clients have a clear understanding of contract requirements in insurance claims.

Q. What are Defects in Construction? 

A. The defect is the issue that has occurred to your home, which also brings down the value of it. For instance, defects can be caused by any of the natural elements. If, during construction, there was faulty or recalled material installed, which resulted in water seeping or flooding the home, this is considered a construction defect.

Q. What Causes Defects?

A. Dozens of construction fallacies can cause defects, shoddy materials, low-quality workmanship, or improper preparation of a building site. There are many others. Here are a few:

• Poor construction material • Improper soil analysis and preparation
• Site selection and planning • Civil and structural engineering
• Negligent construction  

Q: What are common construction defects?

A: Construction defects involved in litigation can include:

• Landscaping and soil • Dry rot
• Water issues • Electrical and heating
• Structural failure • Mold
• Faulty drainage • Electrical systems
• Floor, foundation, roof cracks, and wall  

Q. How to prove work defects in court?

A. Although, showing damage is difficult in some instances, enlisting the testimony of one of our experienced attorneys can help make a winning case.

Q: What is the chance for damage recovery?

A: Damage recovery is based on the facts of a case and circumstances surrounding an event. However, home value, court cost, use of property and repairs are among the possible recovery damages if litigation is successful. In order to handle your civil litigation correctly call one of our attorneys for Palm Springs construction defect civil litigation.

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