Construction and Real Estate Risks and Law

Palm Springs construction and real estate laws account for developers, contractors, and landlords in control of inadequate maintenance, inspection, design and construction of buildings for residential, commercial, and industrial use. Typically, real estate litigation arises out of contracts that have gone wrong. Typical examples are insurance firms that will not pay or construction that presents delays, defects, and more.

Risk In Construction

Construction is important to the country’s economy and infrastructure. However, construction project can come with legal risk. On a high level, construction delay involves finding out the impacts to the important project path and deciding which party is to blame for those impacts.

Delays can be caused by project owners, by bad or shoddy design, environmental miscalculations and/or by contractor errors. Often, delay claims can be exorbitantly costly in lost profits, extended overhead, and other losses. Once project delays are attributable to a breach of contract or negligence, typically legal representation and remedies are sought to compensate a damaged party.

Parties is litigating not only cover the value or worth of the property or the price of a service, it may additionally cover losses like economic loss associated with delay of construction or failure to deliver.

SBEMP And Law Relating To Construction And Contracts

Our construction lawyers have in-depth expertise. We handle construction claims and often handle disputes involving private commercial projects like cooperative and condominium construction; hospitals and hotels; retail stores, restaurants, residential developments, as well as the area of public service projects, such as educational institutions, bridges, energy, waste, and water treatment facilities.

Our experienced attorneys in construction litigation have a range of personal, noncommercial and government experience with construction disputes, as well as claims of defective craftsmanship, contract interpretation matters, construction delay and stop notices.

SBEMP Can Protect And Serve You In Matters Of Construction And Contracts

When it involves real estate and construction contracts, we have represented countless firms throughout the business, as well as construction general contractors, construction owners, residential, commercial, and industrial realty developers, special trade contractors and subcontractors, design professionals, architects, engineers, and materials suppliers. 

We assist our clients in perceiving the simplest strategic arrangement and litigation inside and outside of courtroom procedures. We alleviate our clients by serving and protecting their interests while delivering results.

To find out if your case qualifies contingency, contact SBEMP for inquiry into matters of real estate and construction contracts for consultation.

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