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    Signs You Need A Construction Litigation Lawyer

    A majority of people don’t think they’ll ever need a lawyer. Yet low and behold, there’s a lawyer for almost any situation. When it comes to construction, you should have a consultant by your side to take care of any situation that may arise. 

    Reasons Why To Hire A Construction Litigation Lawyer

    The most common reason people have to get a construction litigation lawyer is to charge people for incomplete work or a breach of a contract. While it the chances are slim, people you hire could try to take your money and ask for more or run away with it. 

    There’s a set contract that both sides agree on and if a company or worker asks for more time or money for supplies than assigned, they are breaching the contract. Another scenario is when constructions workers are injured on site and they want to bring it to court.

    Conditions Where Employers Could Be At Risk

    The conditions where a worker could sue for compensation depend on how they got injured. If they hurt themselves or get an injury because of their mistakes or anything off site then you don’t have anything to worry about. 

    If something happens during construction that could have been prevented by you, such as not informing workers of faulty or dangerous areas, then they are able to get a lawyer on their side. If you have insurance then covers a lot of the costs but its advised to get a consultant. 

    If you need a San Diego land use and zoning attorney or have any questions, head on over to a consultant today.

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