The Legal Representation Of Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are a standard public pathological hazard that affects many.
STDs, conjointly referred to as sexually transmitted infections (STIs) effect one in 2 sexually active persons by age twenty-five. Once it involves lawsuits, the cases that often find a presence in court are typically those that involve a significant or life altering infection, like HIV/AIDS, syphilis, and different strains of infectious disease (such as hepatitis B and C, or strains of herpes).

State Laws Concerning Sexual Disease Transmission

State laws are in effect for telling sexual partners if you are infected by STDs, typically HIV/AIDS, or herpes, thanks to the nature and incurable pathology of these infections. Incurable sexually transmitted diseases and a person’s negligent omission to inform their partner can be a crime and the life altering effects can lead to years of medical bills and emotional distress upon the uninformed victim. 

Civil suits related to this matter occur more often than one may think. Individuals need to calculate whether the time and embarrassment of coming forward or the expense of being a victim living with the disease and medical bills will affect them more in the long run.

Therefore, people tormented by, or having reason to believe, they have been infected, or will infect, someone with STDs usually have a legal obligation to know if they have a disease and/or avoid sexual contact with an uninfected individual or, at least, to warn potential sex partners before sexual contact happens. People are now legally obligated to inform any sexual partners of their infected status if it is known.

SBEMP Understands Your Need For Discretion, Privacy, And Welfare In Regards To Sexually Transmitted Disease

In many states, a legal proceeding can be filed against a partner if he or she infects you with a sexually transmitted disease without informing you for their infected status. If a sexual partner had information of his/her STD and infected you, he or she could also be responsible for damages in an civil legal proceeding.

Did you contract a sexually transmitted disease (STD) as a result of your partner’s negligence or inability to disclose that they were carrying hepatitis, herpes, or HIV? 

If you have got been infected with an STD or STI by a partner you may be entitled to compensation through a private injury legal proceeding. As your physical health can never be 100% restored but legal representation at SBEMP can help through our Palm Springs sex tort attorneys who are experienced in these cases. Do not be deceived by someone that is a health risk to you now that may not be around later.



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