When Sex Becomes an Offense In Sex Torts

The cherished memories two people may share in the closeness of their most private moments can sometimes be transcendent. Such intimacy involves sensual exchange, close body contact that leads to intense sexual intercourse. When emotions develop and you want to express intimacy in a person, it’s wise to be grounded in sensibility before you do so.

As a Palm Springs personal injury attorney, I have seen courts award millions in damages for romances in which one partner did not disclose their STD. As intimate partners question the negligence in not telling the other of their known condition, this leads to a “sex tort.” This is a lawsuit where the plaintiff is suing an intimate partner on accusations of transmitting a disease during sexual contact.

The allegations are made on the following basis: (1) one partner possessed a STD, (2) partner knew that he/she had the STD, but did not tell the other partner that they possessed the STD, and (3) as a result, the two partners had unprotected sex, transmitting the STD to the other partner.

SBEMP has represented clients who have suffered harm when another individual violates intimate trust. The unsurmountable odds you may encounter, from seeing your physical, financial or emotional wellbeing destroyed because someone inflicts you with an STD, can lead to compensation.

Whether, the injurious action inflicted was by a spouse, partner, acquaintance or stranger. However, the prudent decision is yours to take legal action to begin a domestic tort lawsuit which can end in a negotiated settlement or at a trail in a civil court room.

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