Common Concerns Regarding Real Estate Litigation

Disputing over real estate related issues with the intention of resolving the matter in court is real estate litigation. Issues surrounding real estate issues range from contract issues to policy quarrels to law violations. All receive resolution through real estate litigation. Compensation ends with a cash/asset settlement or a cash/asset judgment.

Real Estate Litigation Issues

Specific real estate conflicts revolve around mortgage issues, foreclosure issues, implied warranties, penalty clauses, contract disputes, and similar contentions. The most contested issue in the Palm Springs real estate law firm is foreclosure. Most of those cases revolve around whether a house is eligible for foreclosure.

Frivolous Real Estate Litigation Issue Definition

A lawsuit filed with insufficient evidence or a lawsuit with a high chance of failure is a frivolous lawsuit. This wastes the court’s time and resources, and such waste has brutal punishments such as criminal penalties and a contempt order. A solid real estate lawsuit has merit plus sufficient evidence, not formed out of pettiness and vengeance. The lawsuit should have substantial evidence to succeed in court.

Is a Lawyer Necessary for Real Estate Litigation Issues?

A lawyer is necessary and mandatory. The issues associated with real estate are complex, and a qualified attorney from our Palm Springs real estate law firm can navigate the waters with ease. For help filing a lawsuit or assistance with the litigation process, please hire an attorney as a second opinion on advice and legal navigator toward a successful case.

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