Legal Considerations Regarding Zoning Laws

Zoning laws are codes that regulate structure size, location, and use within a specific area of a city or municipality. Zoning laws usually vary from one state to another and among municipalities. Certain homeowner’s associations or communities that are gated often have their own additional zoning laws and ordinances. One example of a zoning law is a setback ordinance, determining how close to your property line you can build any structure.

How Can I Determine What Zoning Laws Affect Me?

Contact the main office at your local town or city government to inquire about zoning laws. A good place to start is the department of housing or the city attorney’s office. Inquire at the public library regarding printed materials covering local zoning codes.

Local zoning laws are often posted on a city or town’s website. Residents of a gated community should ask their homeowner’s association for a copy of any zoning laws, covenants, conditions and restrictions specific to your area.

What do Zoning Laws and Ordinances Cover?

There are several types of local zoning laws and ordinances that affect:

  • Construction restrictions
  • Noise level restrictions
  • Animal/ Pet regulations
  • Trash/ Refuse regulations
  • Property Easements

Do I Need Legal Help Dealing With Zoning Issues?

Our Palm Springs zoning law attorney can help you deal with zoning questions and problems. It’s important to recognize that zoning laws affect the value and usage of your property, so obtaining legal assistance from zoning law experts can help you avoid unnecessary conflicts.

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